Ora e Qui / Now and Here


(Wikihow to become invisible. If it’s not about camouflage and resistance, then it’s about surveillance and power.)

The Ring of Gyges is a mythical magical artifact mentioned by the philosopher Plato in Book 2 of his Republic.  It grants its owner the power to become invisible at will.

Through the story of the ring, Republic considers whether an intelligent person would be moral if he did not have to fear being caught and punished for doing injustice. (Wikipedia)

It is connected to the concepts of Panopticon and Anopticon: Gyges’ ring is a symbol of the controlling eye constantly wide open in our heads: we are surveilled surveillors in an entangled game.

Since this ring is a precious thing, I decided to make it in a precious material: hemp bioplastic, a sort of future gold.


Now and Here is a project conceived, organized and realized by Ex-New in collaboration with Umberto Cavenago.

Now and Here starts as an open dialogue between guest artists, designers and experts of Digital Fabrication (3D modeling, laser cutting, CNC) of Make in Progress Makerspace, Umberto Cavenago in the role of “mediator” and the whole team of Ex-New.

3D Modeling & Maker: Alberto Iannucci
Makerspace Machinery (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC): Make in Progress

Now and here aims to establish from the beginning a privileged channel of communication between artists who are urged to collaborate and share their projects in an almost utopian way for our time. The ex-Filanda makerspace acts as a catalyst of resources for individual projects, which are created thanks to the contamination among artists who carry ideas, take shape with the support of 3D modeling experts on site, and become a finished product with the use of digital fabbrication (3D printers, laser cutting, CNC). In each phase of the project, the active involvement of a selected group of high school students is planned for a continuous and fruitful exchange of stimuli and knowledge for the benefit of the collective. Now and here is born as an open model of research, like doing in becoming.

Clear production constraints have been imposed on all the actors involved: time and limited size (each work must be contained in a cube of 25 cm); mandatory use of experimental materials with low environmental impact (bioplastics based on hemp); exclusive use of the digital manufacturing machines in the Makerspace.

Artists: Maurizio Arcangeli, Sergio Breviario, Clara Bonfiglio, Stefano Cagol, Gianluca Codeghini, Ermanno Cristini, Sabrina D’Alessandro, Diana Dorizzi, Microcollection, Yari Miele, Giancarlo Norese, Paola Pietronave, Franco Sartori, Miki Tallone.

May 5, 2018
Ex-New Contemporary Art Center
Ex Filanda, Sulbiate, IT
info (at) ex-new (dot) com


Ora e Qui mira a stabilire fin dal principio un canale di comunicazione privilegiato tra artisti sollecitati alla collaborazione e alla condivisione progettuale in una modalità quasi utopica per il nostro tempo. Il makerspace dell’ex-Filanda si pone come catalizzatore di risorse per i singoli progetti, che nascono grazie alla contaminazione tra gli artisti portatori di idee, prendono forma con il supporto degli esperti di modellazione 3D presenti in loco, e divengono prodotto finito con l’utilizzo delle attrezzature per la fabbricazione digitale (stampanti 3D, taglio laser, CNC).

Ogni fase di lavoro include il coinvolgimento attivo di un gruppo selezionato di studenti delle scuole superiori in un continuo e proficuo scambio di stimoli e nozioni a vantaggio sia dei singoli individui che del collettivo. A tutti gli attori si pone la sfida dell’imposizione di vincoli produttivi ben precisi: tempistiche e dimensioni limitate, uso di materiali sperimentali a basso impatto ambientale (bioplastiche a base di canapa), utilizzo esclusivo delle macchine per la fabbricazione digitale presenti all’interno del Makerspace.
“Ora e Qui” nasce come un modello aperto di ricerca, come un fare in divenire.